Loving Your Single Friends on Valentine’s Day

I spent lots of years as a single lady. I didn’t get married until I was a week shy of 31. I was just about the last of my girlfriends to do so…many many beat me by 10 years.

I know how hard Valentine’s Day can be when you are single. I know how it feels like a reminder that the earth has made another trip around the sun and Prince Charming is just nowhere in sight. I know that on a day where love is everywhere, it’s easy to feel none of it.

I also know how much little gestures of kindness can mean on that day. My best friend sent me flowers on Valentine’s Day for years, even when he also had a girlfriend to buy for too. My aunts and uncles and parents frequently sent little gifts to arrive on February 14.

So today, I mailed off a couple of little Valentine’s to some single friends of mine. Here’s hoping craft paper painted by toddlers will brighten their day and remind them they they are so loved, regardless of their relationship status. I’d encourage you to do the same…on Valentine’s Day and every other day!

{Also…for my single ladies, check out podcasts or books or speeches by Annie F. Downs or Tara-Leigh Cobble. They would have been so, so encouraging to me when I was in your chapter.}

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