More than the Math

I finished up prepping our taxes to send to the accountant. This is the time of year when the numbers always make me question why we do what we do. We both have off-farm jobs and raise our cattle and sheep on the side.

There is nothing like seeing it on paper–the total we spent on the livestock over the past 365 days–to make me wonder if it’s worth it. All the feed bills. Trips to the vet. Bull semen. Grass leases. Let’s just say it’s always a stark reminder we’re not in this for the money and we couldn’t be doing it without those full time jobs.

What are we in it for? Because there are some things money can’t buy.

This is a lifestyle we want for ourselves and our children. It’s an opportunity to learn, grow, and build something together. And I just think sometimes livestock do a better job raising kids than parents can do alone.

Sure, we could have a few more dollars in the bank, but we would have to give up views and moments and memories like these. And they’re worth a lot more than the math will ever show.

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