An Important Lesson

Its hard, the working mom thing. Even for someone like me who 100% believes that I’m called to work out the home and who knows that working makes me a better mom. But the tears at drop offs and the “why do you have to go to work” questions and the “can’t we just stay home” pleas…they can just break a Mama’s heart.

But sometimes, there are little moments. Like tonight when Harper came barreling into the kitchen carrying her baby doll and driving a fire truck.

I asked what she was doing. She said she was a mommy and a fire girl.

My heart could have exploded. It was a great reminder that by seeing me do both–have a career I love and be a Mama to kids I love–she’s learning, not suffering.

She’s seeing that a woman can chase her dreams, even if they are outside of her home. She thinks that if she wants to have babies and put out fires for a living, that’s not impossible or strange…it’s just her dream.

I really do believe that by working hard for our own dreams, we’re teaching our kids to do the same. And that’s an important lesson in my book.

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