He Will Provide: The Kidney Stone Edition

“Everything begins and ends in His hands, His good hands that can be trusted to hold us as much when we mourn as when we rejoice.” -Lisa Jo Baker, The Middle Matters

I’m a very healthy person. Other than a weak stomach and a propensity to faint, I rarely have medical issues.

Now, in the last two weeks, I’ve been in three doctor’s offices, urgent med, a CT scanner, the emergency room, two operating rooms, and admitted to the hospital.

When things got bad, they got bad. Scans were read wrong, doctors dropped the ball, at times it felt like no one listened to me, and an infection that was quite close to being life-threatening appeared.

One night as I was crying about going back to the emergency room, my dear friend, Jina, offered simple and profound encouragement by saying, “God will provide.”

And provide, He did.

Words from a stranger (but fellow OSU alum) that reminded me I have to fight for myself and be my own advocate. An endocrinologist who saw something was not right at my unrelated appointment and picked up the phone himself to get me into a urologist immediately. A kind nurse who prayed with me before surgery with words more beautiful than St. Paul. A fever that spiked just in time to get me to the hospital and on antibiotics before I became septic. A one of my oldest friends in the room next door and a text message away as we recover. A surgeon who took the time to listen, explain, and assure me he could solve this. A friend and fellow lawyer who in the midst of her own crazy life stepped right on to cover for me at work. My mom, aunt, and mother-in-law who dropped everything to help with the house and the kids. A kind preacher who came to visit me in the hospital. Friends who showed up with flowers, cakes, and casseroles. My husband who worked all night then chauffeured me back and forth to appointments. And hundreds of people praying for me, my family, and the medical staff.

It has been a frustrating experience. I’ve (literally) cussed it more than I should. But, as with most struggles, I love being able to look back and see God’s hand working in it all.

What’s next? Monday I go back into the surgical center to have the stent currently running from my bladder to my kidney removed. Then we will do some metabolic testing to figure out what caused this dang stone situation.

All along, I’ll just keep repeating my new mantra. He will provide.

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