Who I See

I speak for a living. I spend my days in front of crowds talking about who is liable if a cow is hit on a road and what purple paint means on trees.

Here is a view of what I see at programs. I’m speaking up at the front of the photo.

When I look out at a crowd, it’s not just a sea of people to me.

I see the neighbor who sold me my first cow and the one who taught me to shell peas and the one who helped me practice the FFA Creed. My Gran who held the farm together when her husband died. My friend Jerry who taught me to be just as proud of 10 cows as 100. The banker who bought my first lamb at a County Fair Sale. Our friend Jess who never wore his shirt buttoned, but came running if anyone was in trouble. My ag teacher who taught me more than he probably ever knew. My parents who worked in town to support the farm life for their kids.

We may be from different places and have different operations…but ag people are my people and I never forget that.


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