Cover to Cover: The Bible in a Year with The Bible Recap

For years, I have wanted to read the entire Bible. I started a hundred times and quit. Then…enter Tara-Leigh Cobble and The Bible Recap.

If I chose a person of the year like Time Magazine does, it would for sure be TLC! I cannot tell you enough what Tara-Leigh’s faithfulness and sacrifice to create this resources has done in my life. I am forever grateful.

Also enter, my friend Rebecca, who previously read the Bible in a year and convinced me this was, in fact, doable.

So, on January 1, I set out in this journey determined I would succeed. I devoted about 20 minutes per day for reading (or listening to The Bible App read) the daily scripture and then listening to Tara-Leigh offer a short recap is what we just read.

On December 31, I read the final chapter. I’ll be honest and tell you that of all the things I have done in my life, this ranks up there with those of which I am the most proud.

So…what did I learn about God that I did not know on December 31, 2018 before I read the entire Bible?

1. What God requires, he provides. Look at Abraham and Isaac just as an example–God requires a sacrifice and he provided the lamb in place of Isaac. So many other examples.

2. In the Old Testament, God dwelt in the arc of the covenant, rather than in the hearts of believers as the Holy Spirit does now. What a blessing we easily overlook!

3. The reason for all of the laws in the Old Testament was to allow God to dwell among the people. Despite their best efforts (and sometimes terrible effort), the people could not keep all the laws–their sacrifices were just not sufficient. That’s why we needed Jesus.

4. What the enemy meant for evil, God meant for good. Look at Joseph. Look at Esther. (Two of my favorite stories!)

5. It’s so easy to be critical of others when we do the same things. Reading about the Israelites in the wilderness I just kept thinking, “Good gracious how can you be so quick to forget all God has done for you?! How can you complain in the face of so many blessings?” And I should be asking myself those same questions every. single. day.

6. Our time here on earth is our only chance to have faith. Once we go to Heaven, we will see and know and be with God. We will not need faith then–faith is hope of what we do not see. Don’t waste this opportunity.

7. Don’t let the Bible scare you. Remembering all of the dates and lineages and tribes and all the names (that are so much alike!)…that was overwhelming for me. Tara-Leigh tells you up front not to focus on that. It’s not some sort of memorization test like the bar exam. Every day, we looked to see what we can learn about God’s character. And Tara-Leigh shares her “God shot” every day. Even when you are deep in the weeds of the laws in Leviticus.

Lastly, I have said this recently in another context and I will say it again quoting Kevin Queen, “God will bless the pilgrimage.” I did not do this perfectly. Some days I was just trying to get through. I wish I could spend hours in the word each day studying and journaling and focusing…a lot of days all I could muster was to listen while multi-tasking on something else. But I believe–no, I know–that He has blessed my imperfect pilgrimage.

Do you want to join and do this in 2020?

Just download The Bible app. Then search in the app for The Bible Recap reading plan and choose to start. That will give you your daily reading assignment. You can read in your own Bible, in the app, or have the app read it for you. After you read, you go to your podcast app and search for The Bible Recap. Subscribe. Each day, you will listen to the recap for that day’s reading. Simple as that. Message me if you have any questions.

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