Just Show Up

It’s been a hard week for a lot of people in my life. Absolutely heartbreaking, shocking, unexpected things have happened.

It’s has me thinking a lot about how to support people going through hard seasons. I never have the words and I always worry about saying the wrong ones. Sometimes that can leave me get long frozen in an attempt not to make it worse with my big mouth.

I have decided that I think the thing to do is just to show up. To physically show up in hard places like hospitals and gravesides. To show up in text messages that may start with “I don’t even know what to say.” To show up with care packages in the mail or flower deliveries across the country. To show up at the gates of Heaven with prayers to intercede for those who may not have the strength to pray for themselves. To show up with casseroles it wine or a six-pack.

You don’t have to say the right thing or send the perfect gift or offer any answers…just show up.

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