Loving Our Neighbors in the time of Corona Virus

I’ve been thinking a lot about how unaffected most of us really are by the current situation. We’re so fortunate and so busy thinking only about the minor inconveniences we are seeing that we forget for many of our neighbors there are far more serious issues. Let take a minute to stop thinking only of ourselves and think about and pray for those less fortunate than we are in this situation.

  • Those who cannot rush to the store to stock up before the shelves are empty because they have to wait for pay day. Will there be food left?
  • Those for whom businesses closing mean no paycheck. How will they feed their families?
  • Those for whom schools closing leave them with children to care for and jobs they they cannot take vacation from. Will they lose their jobs to ensure their children are safe?
  • Those for whom school meals are the only food they receive in a day. Will they go hungry?
  • Those with compromised immune systems, respiratory illnesses, or other medical issues that make contracting the virus a much more serious concern. Will they survive?
  • Those who took an oath to always care for the sick. Will they be infected?

Lastly…an offer from my home to yours. If you need help, please let us know. Seriously.

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