Virtual Communion

A tiny piece of wheat bread and apple juice in a medicine cup.

I listened to service online today from my college church and, as the church does every Sunday, they took communion. This week was different because there was no gathering, everyone was digging through their own cabinets to see what could serve as the elements to remember Jesus’ sacrifice for us.

It was beautiful. The thought of Jesus followers in homes all across Stillwater (and even other states like me) partaking in the imperfectly represented yet wholly meaningful body and blood of Jesus… It was beautiful.

And so, I have decided to make this a daily event in our house during this season. We will gather our bread and remember His broken body. We will pour our juice and remember his sacrificial blood. We will be grateful that while we may not be able to congregate in one place, we still can celebrate and practice and live out our faith.

Thanks be to God.

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