COVID-19 Thoughts (Part 2)

Well two more weeks down. When this all started I kind of told myself I could do anything for a month and now we’ve blown right by that.

The CDC now recommends if you have to go out in public to wear a mask. Most (maybe all) parts of the country are under stay-at-home orders. Our grocery store has one-way aisles set up and glass between you and the checker. It’s just surreal.

The Good

1. We have started to get into a bit of a routine. It’s sure not perfect and I sure will be ready to go back to work and back to regular life, but it is ok for now. I feel like this has been really key to me not losing my mind. It’s little things like reading my Bible in the morning, listening to my favorite podcast, going on my evening run…just having some order in the chaos has been great.

2. Stores are mostly stocked back with the normal items. This has led to some excellent cooking here (if I do say so myself!)

Rozann’s chocolate chip cookies
Sophie Hudson’s Mexican Cornbread
(Recipe on her Instastories or I will message it to you)
My friend Shannon’s Instant Pot cilantro lime chicken and rice
(I’ll message you her recipe)

3. The kids have really embraced this situation and have done a good job of rolling with the punches and finding new adventures every day. From playing in the snow (yes…in April), to doing science experiments they’ve made a lot of fun memories.

4. He is (still) risen. Easter didn’t look like usual. For the first time in 36 years, I wasn’t in a church. Our celebration did not involve having family over for lunch and Cousin Sean helping the Easter Bunny, as per tradition. But we had a stained glass window, empty tomb rolls, a pilgrimage to chalk the sidewalk at church, and a savior who is risen. He is risen indeed!

Highly recommend these as an Easter tradition

The Bad

1. People are dying. The numbers in the US are staggering. Nearly 20,000 people dead. Since I last wrote, the first case was diagnosed in the county where I live and in the county where I grew up.

And, I’m so sad to say, the first death of someone I know happened last night. He was smart and kind and a faithful Catholic and I am just heartbroken for his family. It’s one thing to see a number like 20,000. It’s quite another to know one of them—to put a face and a life and a story with it.

2. Working in an “office” with two toddler is, well, not ideal.

3. I’ve got to quit eating so dang much. Seriously…I need someone to follow me and slap food out of my hand. I am buckling down this week because this has gotten out of control.

Lessons Learned

1. People are so kind. Several times I have sought out prayer via phone call or text or Instagram and people have come through. For a sick friend in Oregon to a little boy I’ve never met but who has my heart in Nashville to people I know fighting COVID-19, it has been heartwarming to see people step in to intercede for one another.

2. Many idols have been removed. I listened to a pastor on a podcast I love talking about how this quarantine really has removed idols that we were likely worshiping. Sports, going out, travel, hustle…none of which are inherently bad so don’t get me wrong here…are just not options right now. I hadn’t thought about this, but found it super interesting.

3. I don’t want to come out of this the same. Rachel Hollis and Jennie Allen have both talked about this, but if I am the same person coming out of this experience as I was going in, I’ve really wasted this time. I’m trying hard to focus on what I can learn and change and do to use this time well. That has looked like more praying and watching the kids play outside. It’s also looked like cleaning out the garage and seasoning my cast iron skillet. It’s involved intentionally trying to seek opportunities to kindness and baking more with the kids than I usually would (direct relation to bad item #3 above…). I do hope I can come out of this chapter better and that I do not waste my time wishing away my days.

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