So We Laid in the Grass

Tonight, the kids set up a camp site in the front yard. When they asked me to come watch the sunset and see the moon, I almost said no.

I had paperwork to finish, dishes to wash, and a house to pick up. I’m so behind that I’ll never catch up.

And then I felt my soul remind me that life is too short.

100,000 people have died from COVID-19 in the last three months on American soil. Two of them, I called friends. A mom I follow on Instagram is saying goodbye to her three-year-old with terminal cancer. George Floyd was murdered by the people tasked with protecting us while calling out for his Mama. I’ve attended 5 funerals since February.

So we laid in the grass. We watched the sun disappear beyond the horizon and saw the moon high in the sky above the trees. Harper giggled and Braun taught me new dinosaur facts.

Everything else can wait. Life is too short. So we laid in the grass.

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