We All Have the Same Feet

I was talking to the kids this week in preparation for Braun starting pre-k in a couple of weeks. We talked about making new friends and being kind.

Then I brought up how there will be all kinds of kids and how important it is to be kind to everyone, even people who are different than us, because God made us all just the way we are.

I kept on illustrating. Explaining that some kids have red hair and some have black hair. We talked about how some of our friends have skin that is brown, while our skin is white. About how not everyone likes dinosaurs and horses and how some kids may have a harder time saying words.

I was really hoping I was handling this conversation well and they were actually learning something. Because if there is one thing I desperately want my kids to be above all else, it’s kind. But let’s be real, with 3 and 4-year olds, who knows if you are actually getting through.

A few minutes later, Braun says, “Well Mama, we all have the same feet.”

It’s that simple, isn’t it. We may be different races and ages. Different religions and political parties. Have different incomes and different beliefs. But we all have the same feet—we’ve got more in common than we have different. And that’s sure reason enough to be kind.

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