Because We Prayed

This article was published by Progressive Farmer as part of their Our Rural Roots column.

When the wind was blowing at 60+ miles per hour at 7 am, I knew we were in for a long day.  I immediately thought of the March day a couple of years ago when the fires came to the Texas Panhandle and three cattleman and women lost their lives. I tried to put it out of my mind and go on with my day.

So that afternoon when my husband called to tell me there was a fire headed for our pasture and that we needed to move the cows, it was the last thing I wanted to hear.


I grabbed the kids and we ran out the front door, straight into a brown sky and the strong smell of smoke.  We loaded a bag of cattle cake (because you better believe our two toddlers have cake trained our cows!) Before we pulled out of the driveway, we stopped to pray that the winds would lay, the fire would stop, and all of the people and animals would be safe. The kids said an “amen” in unison.  I honestly can’t remember if I remembered to say it or not.

After that, the chaos began.  In the end, some 2,400 acres burned. We were fortunate in that the destruction somehow missed our place.  The wind shifted the fire turned about 100 yards from our fence.  Everyone—ranchers, volunteer fireman, and livestock—were protected and no lives were lost.

Several days later, we loaded up to go check cows.  When we arrived and my daughter saw the charred grass on the place next door, she asked, “Mama, did any cows die in the fire?”  Immediately, my son responded, “No, because we prayed.”

It was such a simple reminder of the beauty of childlike faith. It also made me wonder, what else in my life has been blessed such a simple answer…because we prayed.


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