What I’d Say to Her

I’ve been watching the college students headed to campus this semester and it has me all nostalgic for all things bright orange and the campus of my beloved alma mater, Oklahoma State.

It also has had me thinking about what I would say to 19 year old Tiffany, with her pick up loaded up and headed to Stillwater for the first time.

Chill out. You’re fine. Quit worrying to death over getting the A and whether you’ll get accepted to a law school. You’ll get into 17, which will pose its own problems! Quit worrying about falling in love. If you had gotten what you think you want, you’d have missed out on about 8 of the best, most transformative years of your life, and the beautiful family God has in store for you down the road.

Your little apartment on Duck Street won’t be fancy, but it will be so full of love and fun and memories, you won’t care.

It will never be hotter than move in day. Take that to the bank.

When Levi comes to visit, hug him real hard. More than once.

Those judging team boys are good eggs.

Spend more time at the Penny. One day you’ll go back and everything will have changed.

You’re about to meet some girls who you will not be able to imagine your life without. It’s fate working through Bible studies and guy friends’ girlfriends…and it’s so good.

Don’t talk smack to your Texas friends when OSU gets up like 4 touchdowns at home. Because, two words: Vince. Young.

The foundation for your faith will be built in Stillwater. And your unconventional little small group will be full of spiritual mentors.

Your metabolism will only go downhill from here. Eat the cheese fries.

On a related note, you’re not fat. Quit being dumb.

Your RA will tell you roommates who come in as friends will never leave that way. She’s very wrong.

Facebook is not a fad. You’re wrong on that one.

It’s okay to try. It’s okay to try and look cute and to wear make up and put yourself out there. It’s fear talking when you don’t want to do those things because you don’t want to look dumb if things don’t work out.

On that note, people treat you like you allow them to. Think on that the next time you’re crying because of something stupid a guy did.

Calf Fry will be a muddy mess and worth every hassle.

One day, you will have unlimited texting on your cell phone. Your rule of “don’t text me unless someone is bleeding or in jail” will seem ridiculous.

IHOP at 2 am is always a good idea.

Chase and Amy. Snuggles the couch. Half a gallon of ice cream. Three spoons. From now on when you’ve had a bad day, you’ll think back and want that combo. Appreciate it being right there.

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