Ranch Kid Fall Decor

I struggle with decorating for the different seasons. I hate putting a bunch of knick knacks our because it makes me feel cluttered. I’m cheap and don’t want to spent a ton of money on items we only use a short time of the year. I despise having to store decorations in tubs.

So today, when The Nester was offering tips for decorating for the season on the That Sounds Fun Podcast that didn’t involve buying a bunch of plastic crap at Hobby Lobby, I jumped on it!

She suggested buying a simple vase or two that you can use year round. Then you can go outside into nature and see what fun (and free!) items you can fill the vase with to represent the season. Then, when the next season rolls around, you do it all over again.

I bee lined it to the store and spent $8 on two clear vases.

I told my kids my idea and we loaded up to head to the pasture to see what we could find. Being ranch kids, they grabbed a bucket and some scissors and we’re all in.

We had the best time. They found so many different plants and sticks and rocks. We tried to identify as many different grasses and forbs as we could. The weather was perfect. The kids had a blast. Even Angus the dog came along for the fun.

When we got home, the kids organized our contents by color and then got to work.

They did the best job on our two arrangements for fall!

I’m so excited for this to be a family tradition. Not only does it really help make the house feel a little like fall (thanks to the help of the pumpkin candle I bought last week…) but it is going to be a really fun activity for us to do each season!

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