Family Meals

We don’t all four sit down to eat at the kitchen table every night. That bothers me…because my parents always seemed to make that happen. So I decided that we would really try to prioritize two meals—Saturday breakfast and Sunday dinner—and make them a big deal for the kids.

I really talk up how fancy our meals will be. We can use “real” plates (not our usual paper), the kids draw placemats, they set each place complete with party napkins (leftover from birthday parties gone by!), they get the drink of their choice with no lid (big deal) and everyone helps to get everything cooked and on that table. They absolutely love it.

Example placemat

This weekend, we celebrated fall with some Pillsbury pumpkins cinnamon rolls, bacon and eggs for Saturday breakfast. Then for Sunday Dinner we had the amazing meatball recipe (homemade in that Dutch oven) from our friend Britt and Bell Road Beef and a chocolate pie.

It may not be every meal, but I think that we will make some special memories for our little family with this new tradition.

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