A Stack of Stones for Agnes

I heard a preacher say that it was important to stack our stones. When the Israelites escaped Egypt, survived the wilderness and crossed the parted Jordan River, they stopped on the other side and made a stack of stones. A memorial, so they could remember for generations what God had done for them. It mattered, because we so easily forget what He has done. The miracles fade and in our humanness, we move on to think about other things. But the stones would remain, and their reminder would continue.

Today, I, along with so many people across the country, spent the day begging for a miracle for a sweet baby named Agnes. Her parents my dear friends and my own baby’s Godparents.

She had a complex surgery. Her parents were told it would be difficult. That they wouldn’t be able to completely untether the extremely complex spinal cord situation she was born with.

Today, I will stack my stones. I will write it down. I will keep telling everyone. So I will never forget that our God is still a God of miracles.

He heals the lame. Parts the seas. Raises the dead. And he untethers spinal cords.

May my stones and my words help me never to forget the prayers offered, the tears cried, the tethers loosed for sweet Agnes. It’s a miracle for her, and a reminder for us.

Thanks be to God.

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