Stand Up. Do Better.

It feels like over the last year, I’ve frequently shook my head and wondered how certain things can be happening in America.

After the murder of several Asian-Americans yesterday and the undeniable increase in hate crimes against Asians in this country, I find myself doing it again. And to compound my grief and frustration, there is the lack of white Americans condemning this violence. One friend of mine said I was the only non-Asian who she had seen post about the killings. That breaks my heart.

We have to do better. People, made in the image of God, living in the United States of America are being brutally murdered because of their ethnicity. We have to stand up for those facing violence and racism and hatred in this country. Full stop. No “but what about” or “yea but also” or “well it wasn’t because…”.

So today…stand up. Whether that looks like a social media post, a prayer, a donation, texting your Asian friends, reading a blog post or social media status of someone of Asian descent to understand how they feel … do something. I’m sick of asking how this can be happening in America and ready to figure out how the hell we make it stop.

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