A Lump and Perspective

I recently had a cancer scare. A lump. I’m fine—all clear. During the two weeks between the discovery and the appointment, I basically held my breath. I put a lot of things on hold, just because I needed to be sure everything was ok. Everything felt in limbo.

The moment I got clear results from my testing, I finally took a deep breath, and I got busy. I vowed to do all of the things that I had put on hold and silently prayed I would be able to do. Because that prayer was granted.

I’m booking flights to Reno to take my kids to their first National sheep show with their Grandad. I bought new running shoes, grateful that my body will let me continue my favorite hobby. I am researching houses on the sandy shores of the Gulf, to show my kids the beach for the first time.

It has been a dose of perspective for me not to treasure these things I could so easily take for granted.

I’m also aware that there were lots of other women in that center today. Some of them did not get to exhale. Say a prayer for them tonight, will you?


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