Leftover Strawberries

My friend named Ron has a hard life. Most days he stands on his corner with a sign asking for help. That’s where I met him.

For two years now, I’ve stopped when I see him to say hi. I always make it a point to call him by name and to tell him I am glad to see him. I worry that he might not hear that very much.

I wish I could do something big for him…but mostly it’s cups of coffee when it’s a cold, bottles of water, protein bars, or a couple of dollars.

This weekend, I stopped and had a bag of strawberries left over from the lake. I told him I knew it was weird, but offered him the bag. You would have thought he won the lottery. Turns out, strawberries are his favorite, and he hadn’t had them in years.

I know it’s hard to feel like you can’t do enough or that what you have to give doesn’t matter…I also think those thoughts are lies from the devil to keep us from doing what we can. So look around. Do what you can where you are. Maybe your leftover strawberries can make someone’s day….


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