Summer Recap 2021 – Part 1

I’m not sure I could have written a more fun summer story. For someone who loves adventure and has a touch of wanderlust, it was just what I needed after 2020.

The best part was discovering my two little adventurers love traveling too and taking them along. Here is Part 1 of our summer recap.

We kicked the summer off with the kids’ first ever 5k, the Raptor Run in Canyon, TX.
Then we finished Braun’s t-ball season.
We spent a lot of time getting lambs ready for Reno
Harper became Instagram famous for her barnyard closing choices
We did lots of showing practice…
…and leading practice
And we spent one evening in a storm cellar.


We kicked off our Reno adventure with a day trip to Lake Tahoe.
We kicked in the hills above the lake…
…then took some time to do some swimming.
Our Chief Safety Officer, Harper, vetoed our jet ski idea, but found this pedal boat acceptable.
Then, the sheep arrived and it was time to get to work.
We made lots of great friends
Braun showed Cookie
Harper helped Mama show Splat
We talked to just about everyone in the barn
Braun showed Cookie like a champ on the big stage with Uncle Dent
And we spent lots of time with Grandad.
And the kids declared that they will be going to Reno every year from now on!

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