Adults in Your Corner

As I was watching Braun walk into kindergarten yesterday, I couldn’t help but smile.

Two weeks into school, and I had seen him head in that door one day with a Hobbs Show Lamb shirt and another day with a Foscalina Club Lambs cap.

Most people at his little a school won’t know who these people are or where they’re from. But Braun does.

He knows that his Hobbs show lamb shirt came from his friend Megan who lives in Kansas. He knows that at Reno, she always took time to say hi to him and that he was welcome to come to her camp and hang out.

He knows that Foscalina Club Lambs hat came from his friend, Mr. Charlie in California. The guy who let Braun’s mad Harper sit with him for at least an hour of the ram show drawing dinosaur pictures on notepads and who we send cookies to in the mail.

And here’s what I think we can overlook. This 5 year old little boy has adults across the country in his corner. I just have to think that matters.

I read a lot when we write about the benefits of showing livestock. There are many. Learning responsibility, animal care, time with family, earning scholarships…the list goes on and on. But I don’t often hear the value of kids knowing they have other adults in their corner.

I know that was a big deal for me, knowing how many adults cared about me, rooted for me, and had my back. I think it really helped give me the confidence I have today.

I’m loving see it become a big deal for my kids as well. If it takes a village to raise a child, I’m grateful to have these kind of people in mine.


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