Always Up for an Adventure

There are a lot of things I hope to teach my kids. Always being up for an adventure is one of them.

I’m so grateful for my twenties when I did things like hop a plane on 24 hours notice to watch an OSU game and drink a limee at the Penny. I’ll remember drinking coffee in Vienna and white water rafting in Costa Rica and hiking in the hills above Switzerland. I’ve stood in the locker room and rushed the field at Notre Dame Stadium and ran a half marathon across the Golden Gate Bridge and ate lasagna and gelato on the streets of Rome. I’ve dressed fancy for Tavern on the Green, snorkeled in Cozumel, and drank wine all day and margaritas all night in Napa.

As for these two? Well, they’ve already dipped their toes in Lake Tahoe and seen dolphins on a boat in the Gulf of Mexico. They’ve hiked in Palo Duro Canyon and shown sheep at the Nugget All American and sipped juice in vineyards in Fredericksburg. They’ve done a polar plunge and a Raptor Run and a kid pony show.

I’d say we’re off to a pretty darn good start…


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