What You Don’t See on the News

I was recently discussing the current status of the United States with someone. He was offering a litany of things wrong in America today. It resembled what you might hear on the evening news. Issue after issue, crisis upon crisis. And he wasn’t wrong—all of the example he gave happened and are terrible. America isn’t perfect—heck, that might be the one issue both sides of the aisle can agree on.

But I’ll tell you what I know to be true. She’s also not as terrible as you hear on the news.

I think back on some of what I’ve seen in the last couple months that didn’t make headlines.

A new couple dancing under a star full of skies at a wedding. Communities gathering to remember those whom they have lost with a cafeteria full of home cooked dishes. People sharing their mental health struggles in hopes of encouraging others. Babies being adopted. Families together smiling for backdrop pictures at stock shows. A little girl holding baby kittens. A fundraiser for a high school football star who will need ACL surgery. A tearful embrace between two friends to celebrate a joyous occasion. Men and women of all faiths and backgrounds holding up a family when a pilar of the community was suddenly gone. A couple of kids riding their horses down the road to visit their neighbor. People dropping everything to pray for strangers. Friends driving from other states to attend a rosary for someone’s mother. Kindergartners so excited as they learn to read and pre-schoolers repeating parts of the school fight song they heard at a pep rally.

If we turn off the tv and look around, I just think we would see a very different America. A country full of beautiful stories they will never be seen on a tv screen. One that is certainly still imperfect, but of which I think we could be pretty proud.


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