I have lots of memories of Kooper. Him giving Braun a vest to wear and some advice before Braun did his first mutton busting and Kooper and Kade cramming in the back seat of our feed truck with my two kids so we could all get home from the rodeo at 1 in the morning have crossed my mind a lot this week.

But my favorite was one day at the pool. Braun was 3. He had his little life jacket on and wanted to go off the diving board. He went to get in line with all the big boys, including Kooper. As soon as Kooper saw him, he sprung into action. “You guys, get out of the way, Braun wants to jump!” He cleared those boys back so fast you’d have thought he was secret service. Braun walked right by the like some sort of royalty, high-fived Kooper and jumped right off that board.

Kooper was a great kid. We know he’s in a better place, but we will sure miss him here.

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