Sounds from the Big 12 Championship Game

Our beloved Pokes fell short—two inches short, to be exact—of the Big 12 Championship. We profess being #loyalandtrue in our alma mater song for days like today.

More importantly, I wanted to share a few things you would have heard if you watched the Big 12 Championship at our house…

Braun: Mom, does he know our team is wearing orange not white?

Harper: I can’t watch dramatically covers eyes

Me: You two do not say any words Mama says when we watch the Pokes play football.

Harper: Can we have a snack (for the 57th time)?
Me: Eat whatever you want, I just need to focus!

Harper (after I hit the wall and had to leave the room after the last play): Wow, Mama is really mad huh?

Braun: Guess we should have listened to Sean and gone for the Bears.
Me: No—we go for the Pokes. We always cheer for our team even if we lose. That’s called loyalty.
Braun: I think I want to be a winner instead of loyal.

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