West Texas Faithfulness

One of my favorite podcasters talks a lot about the importance of having a good memory as part of being faithful. She says that we need to write down our prayers, thoughts, miracles, and hardships so that we can remember what God has done for us. Because we, like the Israelites, can so easily forget the miracles, both big and small. They stacked stones. We can write words.

Ten years ago, long before I met my husband or had any prospect of ever moving to Texas, I penned these words on my blog in a letter to my then un-identified future spouse.

Last week I ended up on a last minute work road trip through rural west Texas. I kinda secretly hope that you live there.

In a small brick house, surrounded by cotton fields. With two dogs and a tire swing in the yard. And a John Deere tractor and a beat up Ford truck in the driveway. And that the house has a back porch that holds a porch swing overlooking the orange sunsets on the western horizon. Near a town with a sign that says “Population: 2006” and a high school football stadium that holds double that number. And a tiny church where people sing Amazing Grace on Sunday. One with a water tower that lists the State Championship titles won since the 1970’s and a welcome sign made by the students in FFA. That’s my dream.

Because small town football and a porch swing, a John Deere and Amazing Grace, you and me….well what could be better than that?”

I get chills thinking about it.

It’s our front porch, not the back one, that faces the sunsets in that west Texas sky. And the population on the sign is 1,000. But other than that, it’s spot on, down to the beat up Ford and the John Deere Tractor.

God knows. He hears. He’s working. And I’m not saying things always work out down to the detail you draw out like this, goodness knows that’s not true…but sometimes, they do.

What grace it is that our God is a God of the details. What a gift it is to have this written reminder of his faithfulness that I so easily could have overlooked.

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