2023 Christmas Gift Guide

I have done these for years, and at least one person (hi, Emmy!) said they look forward to them, so here we are. Ha! Just a few of the things I’m looking at buying or we already own and love.

Many of these do include affiliated links, meaning if you order by clicking my links, I’ll get a little kickback to help with my own Christmas shopping.

With that…let’s roll!

Ordinary People Changed the World books. My friend Amy recommended these and I could not be any more excited about them! I love a good biography, and I’m confident my kids will too. They’re for reading level K-4, and there are so may great options of people to read about. There is a Strong Girls set, a gift set with the first four books, or you can buy them individually. My eyes are on Dolly Parton, Harriet Tubman, and Anne Frank! You can also pre-order an upcoming one on Dr. Temple Grandin, which will come out in March.

Then Sings My Soul album by Wade Bowen. If you’re a fan of the old, traditional hymns your grandma sang, this is the album for you. I listen to it with the kids almost every night! You can buy the actual cd, or on Prime music, or probably 100 other ways you techy people know that I don’t.

Little Buster toys. If you’ve got a ranch kid or stick show kid, these are for you. My two used some is their recent jackpot winnings to start their collection. Heads up, they’re kind of pricy, but seem to hold up really well.

Rolling cart with drawers. Braun calls this Mr. Rolly and requested it earlier this week to organize his legos. He then spent a solid five hours organizing them by color. The little shelf on the top is perfect for building said legos in one place. I’m a fan.

Art kit. Harper got this for her birthday and it has been a HUGE hit with both kids. It has a ton of different art supplies, which they love, and it is easy to keep them organized and stored in one place, which I love.

Dirt road dreamer hoodie. Here’s one on my list. I love this hoodie and have had my eye on it for a while!

Basketball goal. We will be starting basketball in a couple weeks (send help!) so this seemed like a great idea for the kids’ big gift this year. Here’s the one I’m going with. It’s on sale and the reviews look really good.

Mercy Watson book series. When my friend Cara recommends something, I don’t ask questions. I just add to cart. She told me these are perfect books to help kiddos transition to longer books with fewer illustrations. Reading level says K-3.

Yoto Player. This one also comes from my friend Amy. It’s basically a screen-free device for kids that lets them listen to podcasts, certain radio stations, and audio books. You just insert the card (like a hotel key) with the book you want and it will play. Her kids are big fans.

Cha Cha Chihuahua. My other friend Amy says this is a must have game for kids. Her kids seem extremely fun, so I trust their taste. It says ages 4 and up.

Uno. This is a huge hit in our house. Screaming is usually involved, but everyone loves it and I think it was good to help kids learn to identify numbers. My friend Kristin recommends Uno Attack, but I haven’t branched out yet.

Custom acrylics. If you’re a stock show family, my friend Dylan does amazing acrylics! She’s currently having a sale, so hustle over and get yours ordered. I get no commission here, but the cute models do belong to me.

Owala water bottle. I got one of these last Christmas and love it. They have several sizes and colors.

Beyond gloss. I’m hoping this lands in my stocking. The link is for my friend Britt’s Beauty Counter shop, so if you’re a make up person, there is lots of good stuff there.

Peloton. Y’all know I’m obsessed. They have sales going on right now for everything. I have a code to get you an extra $100 off a bike or tread if you’re ordering, so message me first! Also, I can give you another code to try the app free for 60 days.

The world needs more barns t-shirt. I ordered this for myself for my birthday from Raelynn and I love it so much! She has several different colors to choose from.

I Take My Coffee Black. I’ll do my annual book report soon, but if I had to chose one book to recommend, I’m going with Tyler Merritt. This book is hilarious and brilliant. He has a way of combining humor and history and difficult topics that is just amazing. I highly recommend. (On that note, I do want to mention two books I think everyone should read: Just Mercy and Love Does. You’re welcome.)


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