2023 Word of the Year

It was New Year’s Eve and I had been unable to decide on a word for 2023. I was about ready to give you all together. But then, it came to me. My word.


This year, I want less. In a culture (and with a personality) that always thinks more is better, I want less.

I want less stress and less on my calendar and less procrastination. I want to spend less money and to eat out less and to worry less. I want less unnecessary physical stuff in my house and less unnecessary mental stuff in my brain. I want a year of less guilt. Less “shoulds.” Less trying to control things that are wholly not mine to control. I’d like to consume less sugar and have less screen time. To live with less anger and frustration.

So. Here’s to a year of less. My bet is that I’ll gain far more than I could imagine today by embracing a year of less.


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