The Gift of Remembering

This article was published as part of the Our Rural Roots column for Progressive Farmer. For many people, the holidays are a joyful time filled with gifts, treats, and family.  But for those who have lost loved ones, especially those who have lost someone within the last year, the holidays can be really difficult.  I amContinue reading “The Gift of Remembering”

Let Grief Open Hearts

This article was published in Progressive Farmer as part of their Our Rural Roots column. The end of 2021 was filled with loss for our family. The two most profound being our 13-year-old neighbor, Kooper, who died in a car accident, our 28-year-old saint of a quarter horse, Lou. I’ve read articles about how farmContinue reading “Let Grief Open Hearts”

Microwaved S’mores & the Shores of Lake Tahoe

This article was written as part of Progressive Farmer’s Our Rural Roots. On a family vacation to a sheep show (do other people actually take family vacations without involving a stock trailer?), I watched my kids hiking the trails and playing on the sandy beaches of Lake Tahoe. It was breathtakingly beautiful. It was theContinue reading “Microwaved S’mores & the Shores of Lake Tahoe”

It’s Just What Farmers Do

This was published with the Our Rural Roots column for Progressive Farmer magazine. Recently, we were at a small family gathering. I looked over to find my four-year-old son, pants around his ankles, going potty in the yard. I rushed over to find out what in the actual world he was doing! He responded, “Well,Continue reading “It’s Just What Farmers Do”

Sunday Nights Make Memories

This article was published with the Progressive Farmer Our Rural Roots series. Under quarantine, the days started to run together, and life began to feel mundane. The kids were going stir crazy locked up at home and, if I am honest, so were their parents. So, in an attempt to find some fun and salvageContinue reading “Sunday Nights Make Memories”

The Gift of Gratitude

I published this article as part of the Our Rural Roots Column for Progressive Farmer Magazine. Well…2020 has been quite a year.  A number of people have lamented about all of the negatives the last 365 days have brought and cannot wait to kiss this trip around the sun goodbye.  While I understand the sentiment,Continue reading “The Gift of Gratitude”