My Horse Is My Hero

This article was published with the Progressive Farmer’s Our Rural Roots column. Our horse, Lou, is 25 years old. We know that his days and his rides are limited. I can’t think too much about it or my eyes start to leak. He’s a bay quarter horse that has done it all.  He is one ofContinue reading “My Horse Is My Hero”


Away in This Manger

This article was published as part of the Our Rural Roots column with DTN Progressive Farmer. The traditions my family practices each Christmas Eve are some that I hold most dear. Candlelit church service is followed by tamales and posole for dinner, and negotiating over how many gifts will be opened that night. But, myContinue reading “Away in This Manger”

The Family Farm Is Sacred Ground

I recently published this column in the DTN Progressive Farmer magazine “Our Rural Roots.” The family farm is sacred ground. I think about it sometimes.  The dirt.  And how my grandparents and my children, although they never met, have both held it in their hands. Generations, four to be exact, have worked this land.  They’veContinue reading “The Family Farm Is Sacred Ground”

Always a Farm Kid

Late last year, I was contacted by Progressive Farmer magazine to be one of four writers for a column series called “Our Rural Roots.”  Um…the chance to write about the family farm and get published in one of the leading farm magazines?!  Sign me up! Today, my introductory column came out and I’m thrilled toContinue reading “Always a Farm Kid”