Paper Plates

The dishes are my nemesis. They seem to multiply when they get into the sink. The dishwasher doesn’t empty itself. And these people in my house want to eat every dang day! I know, I know, I should just do them every night and it wouldn’t be so overwhelming. But by the time I get … Continue reading Paper Plates

Those Two Girls

Fifteen years ago, two girls moved into a dorm room in Stillwater on what I still maintain was the hottest day in Oklahoma history. They spent the next three years going from acquaintances to best friends. They spent hours analyzing boys. They even developed a color coding system walking hundreds of laps around Boomer Lake. … Continue reading Those Two Girls

.25 at a Time

Three miles. THREE. Last weekend, I woke up early on Saturday while the rest of the house was snoozing and went for a run. I made it three miles. And I know this may not seen like a big deal. I have run three half marathons for crying out loud! But, listen. This was the … Continue reading .25 at a Time

I Like Grandad’s

My dad’s combine was built in 1975. She’s seen better days. Paint is rusted. Levers are stiff. The soft, yellow seat is long gone. Every year before harvest we all say a little prayer that she doesn’t fall apart and quit us in the middle of the field. She falls somewhere between “antique” and “but … Continue reading I Like Grandad’s


We’ve been friends for over 15 years. College judging teammates who had basically nothing in common. A girl with the 4.0 and the boy with…well, not a 4.0. A cattle kid and a sheep girl. A Kansan and a New Mexican. We’ve walked through just about everything you can think of in the last decade … Continue reading Friendship