10 in ’17 Report

Well, somehow I blinked and we are halfway through 2017.  I remember when I was a kid always hearing adults say how quickly time goes, but man alive….they were right!  Here’s where we are on the 10 in ’17 list of goals I posted at the beginning of the year. 1.  Run a race.  This … Continue reading 10 in ’17 Report

The Gift of Hope

A refrigerator.  Mattresses. 5 sheep. A washing machine. A television.  Heat.  Pillows. An oven.  Medical care. Clothing.  Formula. Removal of an infected tooth for little Bailsan.  Blankets. Shoes. Toys. Food. Cell phones. These are the items we have been able to purchase for Metheb, Amina, and their family. I will never forget standing in my … Continue reading The Gift of Hope