Snow Day

It’s not even the middle of November and we’ve got half a foot of snow on the ground. When I realized there was no way I would be making it to work today, I was worried about the things I would miss. The emails I could not answer. The presentations I couldn’t prep. The book … Continue reading Snow Day

13 Months Apart

When we found out we would have babies 13 months apart, I was terrified. I cried in the kitchen. How would we do it? I was barely surviving one. And it was hard…but I can say I wouldn’t have done it differently. These two are best friends and I cannot imagine one without the other. … Continue reading 13 Months Apart

The Neighborhood Picnic

I grew up in the best neighborhood. A place where neighbors really were more like family. They helped with science projects. They taught me how to pick and shell peas. They sold me my first heifer. They bought approximately 157 boxes of pears from my fundraising efforts over the years. But they helped in hard … Continue reading The Neighborhood Picnic