I met Nikki in a gas station parking lot. She couldn’t have been old enough to vote. She looked tired. Sad. Defeated. She told me she was hungry and asked if I might have any money I could share. You know me, I pulled out a $5. But before I gave it to her, I … Continue reading Nikki

A Happy Mom

“Now, more than anything, I want my kids to have a happy Mom.” -Jessica Turner This quote spoke right to my heart. It’s easy to be busy. I work all day and evenings are full with chores and cooking and cleaning up and baths and packing lunches and getting jammies on and reading books (alllllll … Continue reading A Happy Mom

In His Image

“No one else can reflect God to us the way you can. I’m the only one who looks like God like this.” – Annie F. Downs I recently heard this quote on the Business Boutique Podcast and think I will be playing it on repeat for 2019. This time of year it seems so easy … Continue reading In His Image

My Word for 2019

Rest. I’ve decided that rest will be my word for 2019. I’m not a good rester. And for the last two, three, maybe all my years, I’ve hustled and pushed and gotten things done. But this year? I am making time to rest. I am traveling less for work. I am going to adoration more. … Continue reading My Word for 2019