The Big Three

This will probably not be too much of a shocker: My life is crazy. Between the kids and the full time job that requires a good deal of travel and the animals and my involvement in our family business…well, life is full. Because of all this, being productive at the office is critical because I … Continue reading The Big Three

The Ten Thousand

In honor of my daughter on International Women’s Day. I love the poem from Maya Angelou where she says that she comes as one but she stands as ten thousand, representing her mother and grandmothers and all her grandmothers before. Oh, sweet Harper. You come from long lines of strong women. Women who fought and … Continue reading The Ten Thousand

February Summary

Favorite Quote “If there isn’t room at the table for everyone, then we are at the wrong table.” –Elyse Snipes Podcast Perfection The Big Boo Cast Episodes #93 and 94.  First off, Melanie and Sophie are absolutely hilarious.  But in these two episodes, they talk quite a bit about marriage and man alive, I just … Continue reading February Summary

Lent 2018

Leading up to Ash Wednesday, I had gone back and forth about what I would give up this year. Chocolate is my usual go-to. I had thought about social media but had about a million excuses about why not…I use it for work, some of my friends will protest if they can’t see the kids, … Continue reading Lent 2018