World Book Day

This post includes some affiliate links, which means I will get a little kickback from Amazon if you purchase books through these links! Did you know Monday is World Book Day? To celebrate, Amazon is giving away 9 Kindle book downloads from around the world…FOR FREE! Click here for info and to download. Thanks to … Continue reading World Book Day

Running My Race

My kids will never have monogrammed Easter basket covers. Harper does not wear cute bows (unless the sweet teachers at her school fix her hair.) I don’t do fancy pants birthday parties with color coordinated decor. And if Braun wants to wear his pj pants with his dinosaur rain boots to school, well, go for … Continue reading Running My Race

Farm Life

I won’t sugar coat it. Farm life is hard. It’s expensive. It takes time. It ties you down. Something always seems to be a problem. There is always manure on your floor. The markets are down and the costs are up and when is it ever going to rain? Fences need repaired or some animal … Continue reading Farm Life

Being Still

I’m a doer. A list maker. My lists have lists. I have about 57 projects going at once. Work goals and bucket list plans and books to read. I can’t sleep if I feel behind on too many tasks. So it can be hard for me to just sit still when my mind is racing … Continue reading Being Still