Our boy is four! He is so smart and funny and kind. He’s crazy competitive, knows every piece of farm equipment, and I predict he will be an engineer one day. He loves Bible stories. David and Goliath, Jehricho, and Jesus calming the storm are his favorite. He’s learning to speak Spanish, and he sings … Continue reading F-O-U-R

Still Standing

It’s been a heavy few weeks around here. Medical issues for me. News of cancer returning for a little friend. The upcoming anniversary of losing a dear friend of mine. Prayers for miracles going unanswered (for now) for several. Today I drove through Southerland Springs and felt like I had to take a minute to … Continue reading Still Standing

Who I See

I speak for a living. I spend my days in front of crowds talking about who is liable if a cow is hit on a road and what purple paint means on trees. Here is a view of what I see at programs. I’m speaking up at the front of the photo. When I look … Continue reading Who I See