2018 Fourth Report

We had the best Fourth of July this year. Nothing fancy, just a really good day spending time together. We kicked things off with donuts for breakfast and then headed to Main Street for the parade. There is just something about a small town parade that I absolutely love, as we previously discussed in this … Continue reading 2018 Fourth Report

Small Town Parade

We took our kids to a small town parade to celebrate the Fourth of July.  The route was short. There were no fancy floats.  Just good ol’ Texas Panhandle life at its finest. As the parade began, I had tears on my eyes right there on Main Street.  I thought maybe it was the bagpipe music, which I adore.  … Continue reading Small Town Parade

Frog Hunt

I am always in the lookout for little adventures to take the kids on that are cheap, easy, make no mess, and fun. So one night when we saw a frog outside, we decided to plan a frog hunt for the next night. (Actually, the first night we were outside letting Braun pee off the … Continue reading Frog Hunt