Working Mom Hack: Snack Bags

This working mom thing is no joke, so anything I can do to make weeknights and weekday mornings quicker, you best believe I do!

On the weekends, I try and whip up little bags of snacks for school. Almost like a toddler trail mix. I use a variety of things from puffs, yogurt melts, dried fruit, cereal, yogurt covered raisins, whatever! You could also do fruit snacks or chocolate chips if your toddlers need a little shot of extra sugar. (Mine do NOT. Ha!)

I try to keep an eye out and buy stuff on sale or when I have a coupon.

These are perfect for snacks in the car or for the lunch box. I just take a few minutes and make up 10 or so little baggies to last us a couple of weeks at a time.

5 thoughts on “Working Mom Hack: Snack Bags

  1. I bet it is so helpful to have these bags ready to grab and go! Ava requests trail mix daily. Some of her favorite add-ins include goldfish crackers, teddy grahams (or those Annie bunnies), Gerber crunchies and beanies, Bamba, rice Chex, Cheerios…


  2. This is genius even just for me. That way I could just bring some of these to work, & also leave some at home, so that I’m not sitting with an entire bag/box of whatever in front of me eating until I can’t breathe.


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