Those Two Girls

Fifteen years ago, two girls moved into a dorm room in Stillwater on what I still maintain was the hottest day in Oklahoma history.

They spent the next three years going from acquaintances to best friends. They spent hours analyzing boys. They even developed a color coding system walking hundreds of laps around Boomer Lake. They shared some of the best days and most fun nights. And they survived some of the worst too. Limeys were drank, dreams were chased, and some of their favorite memories were made.

All those years ago, I’m not sure either of those two girls would have pictured what life looks like today.

Two husbands, four babies, and a few wrinkles later, it was sure nice to have those two girls back together again.

Find your people…the ones who get you and support you and know all your inside jokes even if you live in different states and only see each other every two years…and hold on tight! I’m sure glad to be one of those two girls!

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