When I Pray for You

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Okay, Mamas. If you are looking for the sweetest book to read your little ones look no further than the latest book by Matthew Paul Turner.

When I Pray for You

My kids love this book. The sweet words talking about parents praying all throughout their child’s life, the bright colors, and the children of every shape, size, color, and ability. This book is one we read almost every night.

My favorite page

But wait, there’s more! 😂 As a pre-order bonus, between now and Monday, if you order When I Pray for You anywhere books are sold, you will also get a copy of When God Made Light for free if you just fill out a quick form here. That’s two books for the price of one. So get to ordering!

I think that praying for our kids and reading to our kids are two of the best gifts we can give them. I love that this book encompasses both!

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