Happy Hour Live

Two and a half years ago, I was drowning. I had two babies in 13 months. I felt like all I did was bottles and diapers. I never slept. I felt alone and uninspired.

Then, a friend shared a podcast called The Happy Hour with Janie Ivey on Facebook. I didn’t know what a podcast even was, but with my friend’s help, I learned to listen on my phone.

It was Episode #123 with Rachel Cruz. I remember sitting in my car after listening at the gym and realizing…this podcast would save my life.

Fast forward and The Happy Hour is now on Episode #243. I listen every week. Jamie Ivey and her guests share their lives and stories, dreams and struggles and it’s just the best.

Because of this show (and the 57 other podcasts I now listen to) my faith life is better. My parenting is better. My health is better. I’ve even started my own show, Ag Law in the Field.

Last week, I went to Austin with two girlfriends to attend Happy Hour Live. It was amazing. Decor was beautiful, food was amazing, guests were hilarious.

Jamie B. Golden, another podcaster I love, showed up and was even more delightful in person.

I met Amanda Brown, who I’ve followed for years on Instagram and really admire.

Hands down the best part of the night was getting to look into Jamie Ivey’s eyes and thank her for doing what she does. And to tell her that she saved my life.

Here’s to women encouraging each other! Here’s to sharing our stories. Here’s to Jamie Ivey and the Happy Hour!

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