The Angel

We had been praying for a family friend who was very sick with COVID. We included the kids in these prayers for weeks. When our friend passed away, we told the kids that he had gone to Heaven.

Braun responded with, “He died? We have to make an angel for his family so they can remember him.”

After some negotiating and convincing the kids that we, in fact, cannot make a nice angel sculpture out of items in our house or concrete, we agreed that he and Harper could select an angel at the store to give to our friends.

There are times where I wonder if we are doing anything right on the parenting front. Days where it just seems full of fighting and whining and refusing to obey.

And then there are days like this. And I see that the seeds we are planing in their little hearts are growing. And those days make me full of hope.

Oh, and we also included a large drawing of a euoplocephalus because what says “we are so sorry for your loss” better than a large, herbivore from the Cretaceous period?

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