Lent 2018

Leading up to Ash Wednesday, I had gone back and forth about what I would give up this year. Chocolate is my usual go-to.

I had thought about social media but had about a million excuses about why not…I use it for work, some of my friends will protest if they can’t see the kids, I am trying to build my blog Instagram following… So I kind of rules that out, but kept having this nagging feeling. When I went to church for Ash Wednesday, our preacher said we should give up something that we have made too important in our lives.

Well. Sucker punch to the gut. I knew just chocolate wasn’t enough. I had to do something with social media. I just waste too much time mindlessly scrolling.

So, I decided to move all my social media icons to the back of my phone and turn off all of my notifications. I give myself 10 minutes in the morning and about an hour at night when the kids are going to bed. Other than that, no posting, no scrolling, no wasting time looking at other people’s lives.

Can I just tell you, except for when I was traveling and stuck at the airport for hours, I love it. I have gotten so much more done! I am more productive with work, I have finished two books, I have been able to write and schedule several blog posts. And, I’ve had time to just be still and think and pray.

So…about two weeks in, so far so good. Oh, except the chocolate chip cookie I accidentally ate the day after Ash Wednesday without realizing it was chocolate until I was done. Oops.

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