10 in ’17

I love New Years.  The chance to reflect on the last 365 days, start fresh, set goals…it’s the best.

This year, I have decided to set 10 little goals for myself. {Initially, I was going to do 17, but I have two little people to keep alive, so let’s be real!}. I have other things planned, but these are my key seven.

Here they are:

1. Run a race.  I am excited to get back to running after having LL.  I just cannot describe how important running is for me.  I swear, it’s like therapy. I am planning on the race being the half marathon in Oklahoma City in April….but have done one whole run so far and almost died at half a mile.  I have a lot of work to do. 

2. Read 4 books. I know this isn’t that many, but, again…two little people!  I figure a book per quarter is a realistic goal.  I would love your suggestions for what these should be.

3. Go to adoration 20 times. This is something that is just flat out good for my soul.  It allows me to sit quietly with God.  No noise.  No phones.  No distractions. Just following the “be still and know” instruction.

4. Hike in Palo Duro Canyon. This was on my 2016 list and did not get completed due to me being super pregnant during prime hiking time.  But this year that should not be an issue and my friend Lisa has agreed to go with me!

5.  Grow a garden. I love gardens and haven’t had none for the last two years.  It’s time to get back at it this summer!  I am hoping for veggies and maybe some herbs, but we will see.

6. Pray 10 novenas.  I added this one after re-visiting the Chapel at Loretto, where the miraculous staircase was the result of a Novena to Saint Joseph.  I love praying novenas and know that they work, so I need to get back on that!

7. Declutter. I am currently reading, “The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up.” It is all about decluttering your house and it has me fired up!  Stuff will be going and what remains will be organized.  And it tells you a lot about my personality that I am giddy excited about this!

8. Finish Uncle Busdy’s book.  My uncle is writing a book about his time in Vietnam. We are getting so close to finishing!  This will be the year we (hopefully!) get it published.

9. Send a friend a little note once a month. I did this a few years back and really loved it!

10. Blog 100 times.  This may be setting the. We too low, but I gotta start somewhere.  I love writing and think it is a good way for me to express my emotions, so I want to keep up this endeavor in 2017!

What are your goals??

4 thoughts on “10 in ’17

    1. Oh my gosh….that would be great!! You should make it a big hiking expedition since you’ve done Machu Pichu and all!, whereas I’m thinking like a couple of hours will be good for me.


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