Gran’s Nativity

There are a handful of items I inherited from my Gran that are really important to me. One of those is her Nativity set.

I remember being little and each year, we would go get the wooden barn out of her well house, then go to our barn to get some straw. Then we would place each figure into the barn.

This year, I was excited to involve my kids in the process. We’ve been reading books about Jesus’ birth and talking about it with them. They think it’s great he was born in a barn because, you know, they’re farm kids. So they were excited to get this all set up in our very own little barn.

We headed outside to get some hay, just like my Gran did with us.

Then we unpacked and set up each piece. The “canimals,” (camels), the donkey that carried Mary, she sheep the Holy Family…and the angel, which is my favorite. It still hanged from the roof by the string my Gran tied on all those years ago.

And then, because I’m not crazy, I put away every piece made of glass. Luckily, Harper’s Godparents have given her pieces to a nativity of her own each year that are not glass, so we just subbed them right in.

Good thing too, because not long after we got set up, everyone went for a spin in the dump truck. #ToddlerMom

It’s amazing to me how Gran has been gone nearly 15 years, but each Christmas these little figurines make me feel like she’s right here with us. And maybe she was–probably riding in the dump truck right along with everyone else.

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